IN A WORLD THAT FAVORS IMMEDIACY, we find it important to take a longer-term approach to analyze the way the world is changing. As we have seen many times over our firm’s history, true change can take time, however it can present powerful opportunities. Our approach is to find the true underlying reasons as to why society is going through change and analyze the investment opportunities that these changes bring.

Our conviction is that the world has a constant need and desire to continually innovate. Analyzing the world with a unique perspective allows us to find the innovators of the world who are on the forefront of these societal changes.

When we are looking at placing client’s assets in a certain position, we spend a lot of time talking about value. From an investment perspective, markets follow the law of undulation – meaning short term sentiment can move from excessive optimism to extreme pessimism. We continually analyze our investments to make sure they are properly valued relative to their long-term growth potential. As this changes, the asset classes and markets we invest in will continue to evolve.

The investment management team at Sandvold Financial Group looks forward to finding the next societal change and the future innovators of the world!