Insurance Design

Planning for the unexpected is an important aspect of your financial future. Having a comprehensive financial plan means protecting your assets. Sandvold Financial Group, as an independent financial services group, is able to analyze many different insurance carriers to provide you with the best option for your individual needs. We will evaluate your unique situation and determine if any of the below is right for you:

Key Concentrations


Life Insurance

We will help you evaluate the proper coverage for your situation whether you need insurance for a few years while you are raising your kids or for the rest of your life preparing for your legacy. We know each need is different and we will shop around with you to get you the most appropriate coverage available.

Long Term Care

As we continue to live longer we must consider whether our assets are enough to cover the cost of a long term care event. We will help you find the right solution whether it is long term care insurance, life insurance with a long term care rider, or another consideration.

Disability Insurance

We can help you understand your needs for disability insurance and compare costs and coverage options with you.